‘lil sumt’n

Jon Skiffington Jon Skiff Baltimore musicianAfter 25 years, U.S and European tours, Recording and Performing 4000+ gigs as a bassist and singer I cooled my jets for a decade and finished raising my son Zack (ZZ SKIFF) while clunking out some local gigs with bands like Krypton City Blues, Stone Jug (aka Funktion), The Doo Dads, Cruise Control, Kenton Shelly, Rhyne Mcormick, Dixie Delux (aka Trick Bag), HoneyPump,  and tons of solo stuff. Now that I’m back with the my teenage crush, MUSIC!  I spent my time refining my skills with the addition of some Jazz chops and tons of time in the wood shed developing my own songs and learning more covers tunes.  I fished my first solo album “Six Ways From Sunday” at the end of ’11 and am now setting my sites on a image and branding overhaul.  Friend and marketing mentor James Rasp (www.jamesrasp.com) and I are in pre production for and up coming video so stay tuned!

If you have seen me play live you know I like to put my spin on my heros music like Bob Dylan, The Beatles, Stones, Buffet, Earl, Young and Cash but know that i have not been resting since i decided to start playing more solo with additions of everything from Jack Johnson to Gavin Degraw to Rodney Atkins to The Red Hot Chilli Peppers. It’s all fair game in my drive to present an energetic and spontanious ‘no holds barred’ approach to shows. If you haven’t seen me play yet..well..what’ cha wait’n for? Come on out and say hi. I’m look’n forward to meet’n ya!

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