Gig’n off the Coyote

Ahoy!  I finally had a gig out of town that was doable for sailing in and out of with the Coyote.  The idea being I could actually load off and back on the sailboat after making passage that day.  I gathered up some winter clothes and with a last minute call to my good friend Shawn off we went for a nice weekend camp on the water.  The sail was a bit intense on the way down. I surfed a few 5 foot breaking waves as we passed onto the bay from the Patapsco (Balt harbor) . That’s a rush I’ll tell ya.  It’s sheer freedom and a realistic commune with nature. It was chilly but not any chillier than sit in the bleachers. I love that word; bleachers…it just screams skin cancer… any way, I digress … I brought my practice amp we hauled it up about four blocks to the gig. I know I know…thats a cake walk compared to a gig in the big Apple…yada. The show @The Rockfish was great, I never saw so many fancy dresses and $1000 shoes in one drunken roadhouse, haha. Dem Guise w/ Mitch Morel and co. layed down some good rock and funky jams once we got the “big ball” roll’n.   Naptown is pretty frick’n cool. I highly recommend it as a nice quaint party town.  Over-all;mission successful with more to come.
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