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Hello there Peoples of the Inter-web!
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     As those close to me know my life kinda got tossed in the food processor this year and it kinda came out looking like …well…scrapple.
So being the ‘if the Glass is half full …then just add ice and liquor and call it a party” kinda guy I’m just roll’n with it.
I see it all not as fate but a challenge and exercise.
It feels like life is playing chicken with me and I ain’t blinked yet…dang it!
     I’ve been meaning to post more on here but I was caught up in my shizzle until my PR mentor/media wiz/drink’n buddy James Rasp  reminded me what a lazy bastard I was, to stop moaping and get off my ass.  Thanks Rasp!   You can also look on wikipedia under ‘jack ass’ and find him.  haha  (You’ll find me under ‘rat bastard‘)
     I’ve spent a lot of time over the last month ‘wood shed’n’ for the new group I joined HoneyPump.
It has been a pleasure so far working with this band of pros.  It was no small task for my old brain to get the 50 or so tunes these guys play up to par.  This group that has been around for 15 years and play a variety of tunes.  I forgot how trick the bass line for ‘hotblooded’ was…etc.  I love ’70s rock like no other.
My Brother Mike came home from Austin, TX for a week.  He usually comes in to see the leaves change.  Always great to see him.  While out here we went out to see my recently deseased brothers family and visit the site of the motorcycle crash that took his life.
The scene was so peaceful and frankly so absorbant of your attention we all agreed that he must have just got distracted by the beauty of his last moments.  I drank a beer he had hand crafted, let one tear slip and said goodbye one more time.
The yellow arrow makers were not there at the time.
I’ve been doing a lot a “sail theropy” lately.  There is nothing like the wind carrying you away into your own boundless world.  I was able to slip in a sail before I got The Coyote secured for hurri’cn Sandy.
As I motored out of Old Road Bay the morning sky gave me a gentle clue as to the impending weather;
Sandy’s Morn’n Warn’n Halo
Now that things are, hopefully starting to settle down in the Skiffy Camp I’m getting back on track for my solo video.  The goal was to have it finished by today but hey like Paul Mason would say “We shall sell no wine before it’s time”  In my case the wine is Mad Dog but, hey, you work with what you got.
Please come look for my dates here on and like me on Facebook because appearently that is how the game is played these day.  I guess it beats a hot stick in the eye.  haha
All the Best,
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